Rebecca M. Gullion

Jesse T. Gullion 

Rebecca Gullion was born and raised in Studio City, California. At an early age, Rebecca developed a passion for performing. During her high school years at Mayfield Senior in Pasadena, California, Rebecca was accepted into the conservatory for the arts, with an emphasis in dance.  She spent the next four years of her life dancing, performing in more than twelve dance ensemble concerts and three plays.  She graduated in 1999.
Rebecca continued onto college at California State University, Long Beach. During her junior year in college, she began an internship at Fox Television Studios.  She graduated in 2003 with a BA in Interpersonal and Organizational Communication with an influence in MEDIA.
Immediately following her graduation, Rebecca was hired as an executive assistant to Emmy Award winning Producer, Kevin Burns.  It was here that she discovered her passion for performing had taken a transformation into a desire to do behind the scenes work.  For the next two years, Rebecca's jobs consisted of research and assistant story editing for various television shows, including A&E Biography, Look Up In The Sky: The Amazing story of Superman, Empire of Dreams: The Story of the Star Wars Trilogy, Playboy's 50th Anniversary Special and Girls Next Door.
In 2004 Rebecca began taking a film production class at UCLA where she met various aspiring producers, directors, and writers.  She was approached by a fellow classmate who asked if she was interested in producing a short film. She found she excelled at budget preparation and scheduling, and enjoyed communicating, negotiating and working with people who shared her common interests.   
In early 2005 Rebecca and her brother Jesse started their own production company, Gulch Entertainment.  In February, screenwriter,  W.W. Vought, asked if they would be interested in producing Johnny Virus Together, with Come Ride the Dark Horse, Inc., Johnny Virus was completed in October 2005.  Currently, Gulch Entertainment is in development on a variety of different projects. 

Jesse Tyler Gullion was born June 20th, 1985 to Steve and Angela Cartwright Gullion in Studio City, California.  In his early childhood years, Jesse developed passions for three things that would prove to be signposts for his future.  The first was a fascination with computers and technology, the second was a love of photography, and in particular the family video camera with which he began making backyard videos with his neighborhood friends.  The third was being an annual participant of summer theatre camps. 
Although at the time, there were no thoughts of pursuing a career in acting, the passion that Jesse found through the freedom of artistic expression was one that made the later transition a perfect fit.  These three elements fused together when Jesse inherited a MAC G4 computer, branded with Apple's Final Cut Pro 2.0.  His focus became tunnel-visioned, absorbing the process of non linear video editing.  He purchased books and studied 'the making of' for numerous films.  In 8th grade, he directed, wrote, and edited A Day In The Life, a touching, two-part short chronicling the school year.  The film was shown at the school's commencement ceremonies.  It was then that Jesse's focus had become finite, in the realm of creativity, and the ultimate pursuance of a career in the arts.
Throughout high school at Flintridge Preparatory Jesse continued shooting and editing short music videos and handheld daily documentaries of the life around him.  In addition, he continued acting in his school's theater program.  His endeavors culminated in his senior year when he played the part of Henry Higgins in the winter production of My Fair Lady.  For his senior thesis project, Jesse made The Power of Revenge, a 45 minute film which he wrote, directed, shot, edited and acted in.  It was a rousing success when shown to a jam packed theatre at the school.  Following his graduation from high school, Jesse and his sister, Rebecca, formed a production company, Gulch Entertainment. 
In February 2005, they were approached by writer-director W.W. Vought, President of Come Ride The Dark Horse, Inc., to co-produce the independent feature film, Johnny Virus.  Over the next eight months, the film was completed.  In addition to his role as producer, Jesse also served as editor and post production supervisor on the film.  As of this writing, Gulch Entertainment is in development with Come Ride The Dark Horse Inc. on several future projects.


actor:  jesse tyler gullion

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